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A delightful sitcom featuring the comic adventures of Susie, private secretary to talent agent Peter Sands that ran on TV Sunday nights from 1953 - 1957. Susie keeps the office of International Artist humming in the world of snobbish actors, insecure writers and big-shot producers. Private Secretary on network Television became “Susie” in syndication. Ann Sothern plays Susie, Peter Sands is her boss, and Ann Tyrell is the receptionist Vi Praskins. You’ll roar with laughter as the shennigans of
Susie, Private Secretary.

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 See the episode titles listed below.

Ann Sothern

Disc One

Old Dogs, New Tricks
Oh Brother!
Cat On A Hot Tin File
Little Caesar of Blecker St.

Disc Two

Passing The Buch
Sow's Ear
How To Handle A Boss

Disc Three

What Every Secretary Knows
Dollars and Sense
Her Best Enemy
Three's A Crowd


Disc Four

That's No Lady
The Efficiency Expert
Two And Two Make Five
Thy Name Sands


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